Welcome to the UHA an Association for the Handyman and the home repair consumer.

Become a member of the UNITED HANDYMAN ASSOCIATION and display your certification proudly and know that you are backed by an organization that supports its members. Your business will benefit from the many services offered by the UHA.  Your customers will know that you care enough about them to go the extra step to make sure that your business is structured to reflect the same quality as the service you provide them.

Free Membership 

To be certified by the UHA means more than just taking a simple test and paying a fee.  The UHA Certification is only given to businesses that prove to be within the standards of the UHA.  The slogan “Excellence Expected” refers to what customers can expect from its members.  Because the UHA offers a guarantee and stands behind its members to become certified by the UHA members must have a properly structured business, insurance and pass background qualifications. Being certified by the UHA is an honor. The UHA was created to help improve the handyman industry one handyman at a time.

 Every other industry has an association that regulates and certifies them.  Now the Handyman has the UHA.

Fraud protection guarantee If a service professional certified by the UHA commits fraud in any way then we will pay you(customer) back up to $5000 for your loss. (see fraud protection for details)

Although the United Handyman Association is for the handyman we offer background and fraud protection for all home service providers.

 Tax deductible 

Memberships and services provided by the UHA qualify as a business tax deduction.  (Consult your tax professional for details)

Register today and start the first step toward certifying your handyman business.

What a full certified member should expect from the UHA.

  • Welcome packet explaining benefits
  • Online profile to advertise your business
  • Access to member area and all resources
  • One on One phone business coaching (scheduled)
  • Full use of certification logos, print, web and vehicle decals
  • $5000 fraud protection for your customers
  • Insurance discounts or % pay back for paid premiums
  • Full business support for start up or existing businesses
  • Personalized business certification card
  • Member discounts
  • Mediation services
  • Legal services
  • Business Marketing
  • business forms
  • background and screening services
  • Instructional materials and videos
  • Earn money through our affiliate program


Ask the Handyman home repair and handyman related questions. With over 30 years experience in the home repair trade Our handyman has witnessed the evolving of the handyman business.  Become  a member and ask your questions rather it be DIY questions or handyman business questions. Our handyman will be sure to send you in the right direction. Most questions answered within 24 hours.  Questions may be approved to be posted on site for others to benefit.

Handyman Insurance

To run a responsible business you need to carry a liability insurance policy. The amount of coverage will vary depending on your needs. We will help you determine the coverage you need and help you get insurance. As a full member you will qualify for a group coverage at discounted rates or we will reimburse you up to 10% of your premiums paid per year. 

 Memberships offered to handyman individuals and handyman businesses.

Contractors and other licensed service professionals please visit  our affiliate association  www.uhspa-intl.org

Check this link out to see the fees a Licensed Contractor pays http://www.cslb.ca.gov/generalinformation/library/fees.asp


Upcoming Events

10/15/13 A UHA representative is speaking in Encino Ca at the Encino Chamber luncheon.  Topics will be handyman vs contractor and the benefits of the UHA. email info@theuha.net for details.

Founders Message


To UHA Members,

Thank you for taking the time and caring enough about your business to become members of the UHA.  I know we share the same dedication to the home repair industry and strive for improvement.  We currently have members in 16 different states and Canada but we are looking for more and need your help.  Word of mouth is one of the best forms of advertising.  Help us by talking about us and what we do.  Like us on facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/United-Handyman-Association/253430868032278 and share us with your friends. Follow us on Twitter @united_handyman.  Every other trade has an association that legitimizes the industry.  Now the handyman has the UHA. The only way to make change is in #’s that is why the UHA offers a free registration membership.  We just need your help to get the name out there and as we grow the more powerful the UHA will be and more benefits to the handyman.  Some states like California don’t recognize the handyman as a trade and pressure the tradesman to become a Licensed Contractor.  We believe that the handyman is a special trade of its own and should be a choice of the homeowner.  We say regulate don’t eliminate.  We have made it our goal to represent the handyman industry giving the handyman business an association to get certified and join other handyman businesses with a common goal.  We work with our members to help improve their businesses.  If our members are successful then we are successful.  Tell your friends, customers and if you have a handyman ask them to become certified.  If you are a handyman business owner ask your workers to become an individual member to get certified.  Tell your customers that all your handymen are screened and certified.





United Handyman Association



January Member Profile

RNJ Handyman of Ventura County California serves as Santa Clause20131221_162837 (2)


My kids saw a picture of me giving Santa a certificate for becoming a certified handyman and asked me why.  Thinking quickly I said because Santa is like a handyman because he makes his own toys.  That seemed to sit well with them at 5 and 7 years old.

We start off the year with our January Member profile of a handyman who has been doubling as Santa Clause during the holidays in a Camarillo California strip mall.  Maurice Bealieu of RNJ Handyman is a certified member of the UHA and has been a quality handyman for over 13 years.  I went to the strip mall to witness his interaction with the neighborhood children this past December and to personally present his UHA certificate of Excellence. RNJ Handyman located in Ventura County California serves all the surrounding areas and does quality work at a reasonable price. RNJ and Maurice have passed the UHA screening process and the UHA would recommend this handyman to help with all your home repair needs.  His knack for volunteering and putting a smile on the faces of children during the holidays might be the perfect handyman to welcome into your home.  RNJ Handyman can be found at  www.reeseandjaime.com or at his UHA member page http://theuha.net/rnj-handyman-services/

Phone 805 248 6226 email- reeseb14@gmail.com


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